Creating University Efficiency Through Data Driven Budgeting

Each semester, universities manage millions of dollars in scholarship funds, grants, loans, and tuition revenue. The university must budget for each allocation and develop management plans accordingly, affecting enrollment, student success, university revenue and even university relations.

Goldstrike Data has developed state-of-the-science financial aid budgeting algorithms;

  • Leveraging individual student data to simulate the most likely budgeting outcomes
  • Providing 4, 8, 12, and 16-month lead times

Goldstrike has reduced Michigan Tech’s financial aid relative budgeting error from approximately 10% to less than 3% on average!

Michigan Tech can now allocate funds and resources much more efficiently each semester!

…Goldstrike [is] delivering services that are, in my mind, beyond promising. This will soon be the new normal in higher education and Goldstrike has gotten us well ahead of the curve.
— Associate Vice President for Enrollment and University Relations