Data Driven Success for Higher Education


Goldstrike Data is a predictive analytics solution provider for higher education institutions that helps schools improve their financials, operating performance and student success.

Goldstrike Data is the only Ed-Tech company providing predictive analytics for small to medium size higher education institutions and community colleges. We provide university decision support by leveraging state of the science statistical and advance machine learning algorithms.


Why We Are Different

Of the few competing big data solutions available to universities, nearly all focus on forecasting retention and enrollment for groups of students such as freshman minorities. Goldstrike Data takes this a step further by identifying the probability of enrollment, retention and success for each individual student. We also identify the key retention factors affecting each student's potential for success so that a personalized intervention strategy can be developed for each student. 

By combining our retention and student intervention services, Goldstrike identifies at-risk students at your university or college and then provides data driven insights to support the most effective intervention strategies for particular students. Through our advanced machine learning methods, we can identify at-risk students a year in advance. 

Our Successes

Goldstrike Data recently engaged a mid-sized research university in Michigan and through our proprietary predictive modeling techniques, developed at-risk student identification models. As a result, 70% of the students that were identified as being at-risk, dropped out of school within the past year. Moving forward, these models will be applied to identify these students ahead of time to increase retention and graduation rates.