Goldstrike Data is a data science company leveraging existing institution data and resources to optimize management processes. 

EdTech Vertical: 

Each semester, universities manage millions of dollars in scholarship funds, grants, loans, and tuition revenue. The university must budget for each allocation and develop management plans accordingly; affecting enrollment, student success, university revenue and even university relations.

Goldstrike Data has developed state-of-the-science financial aid budgeting algorithms;

  • Leveraging individual student data to simulate the most likely budgeting outcomes
  • Providing 4, 8, 12, and 16-month lead times

Goldstrike has reduced Michigan Tech’s financial aid relative budgeting error from approximately 10% to less than 3% on average!

Experienced in all stages of data science project development and applications across a variety of industries. Committed to delivering functional solutions that provide a quantifiable competitive edge for all clients.

The Goldstrike Team has developed a proven problem solving process through applications in multiple industries which can be transferred to other sectors including but not limited to; higher education, engineering, automotive, healthcare, IoT, aerospace, consumer products, food & beverage, government, venture capital, banking & financial, energy, insurance, retail, real estate, manufacturing, legal.


NEWS RELEASE: Article published by our team in the Mathematical Geosciences Journal as of April 2017!

A machine learning based model was developed, in collaboration with Michigan Technological University, University of Arkansas, U.S. Department of Transportation and NASA, to forecast debris flow hazards in the western U.S. 


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